David Tyburski

Vice President of Information Security and Chief Information Security Officer for Wynn Resorts

David Tyburski is the Vice President of Information Security and Chief Information SecurityOfficer for Wynn Resorts.  For over the last 12 years, he has been responsible for leading the enterprise strategy for information security, identity/access, governance, and incident management for the Las Vegas based developer and operator of high-end luxury hotels and casinos.   His passion for innovation in information security and risk management, delivering bottom-line business contributions, avoiding losses from security incidents, improving customer retention, and reducing corporate liability has enabled Wynn to set the bar for excellence worldwide in cybersecurity service delivery.

Before joining Wynn Resorts, David has held various leadership roles in organizations ranging from venture-stage companies to multi-national publicly traded corporations. David has over 25 years’ experience in the information technology and security field and has architected several worldwide networks throughout his career.   David serves on several Customer Advisory Boards for both technology and security solutions.  He earned a BA degree in Business Administration from Francis Marion College in1991 and has since served on the Alumni Advisory Council to the College ofBusiness since graduation.  

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