Victoria Guilloit

Partner, Privacy Culture

Victoria has 20 years cross-sector experience in information security and data privacy including investment banking, consumer goods, retail, and government. As a trusted advisor to organisations such as Unilever, the John Lewis Partnership and Schroders, she drives behavioural change by developing strong networks across complex environments, and embeds processes and practices that work for the people who need to use them.

My Sessions

Response to Schrems II: Global Case Studies Responding to the ECJ Decision (Sponsored by TrustArc)

A panel of speakers discuss both the specific issues related to data sharing with Brexit and post-Schrems II as well as other changes across the globe. Panellists will give their own case studies and advise on best practice and what organisations should do to ensure they are compliant with data sharing across jurisdictions.

  • Helen Woollett, Privacy Counsel, Data Protection Officer, Natura &Co Group
  • Christopher Schmidt, Magister of Law, Attorney, Data Privacy Specialist, Law Tutor, Lecturer
  • Nora Bensaid, Déléguée à la protection des données / Data Protection Officer (DPO), ING
Privacy Culture session: How to understand the culture of privacy within your organisation  

This presentation is centred on our new privacy culture employee survey, powered by our market leading platform Culture Horizon, gets to the very heart of employee behaviours and attitudes. It has been developed in conjunction with academia, leading law firms and industry partners. Astute analysis of the results allows users to identify requirements, target weaknesses, improve employee engagement and confidence, acknowledge business strengths, as well as design the frameworks for a truly compliant culture of privacy. Our ‘inside’ presentation will look at the preliminary survey results and provide detailed analysis and commentary on these fascinating findings, based on over 5000 employee respondents, representing multiple companies, their functions and spread across over 50 countries. This is a worlds first and please ensure early sign up to avoid the limited places available.