Steve Troyer

Marketing and Business Development, HeliosData

Steve Troyer leads Helios Data, Inc’ marketing and business development strategy and initiatives. Helios Data is a privacy-compliant personal data sharing company based in Silicon Valley, USA. Companies with stores of personal data for consumer and other data subjects trust it to Helios Data’s Privacy Management Platform and technologies. Our solution enables companies to share data with partners - both internal and external - for any purpose including analytical insight, advertising, and other forms of monetization-while ensuring data privacy and integrity. Steve is an accomplished executive with over twenty-five years of go-to-market experience in networking, cybersecurity and data analytics markets. Before Helios Data he led Business Development for Attivo Networks. Before Attivo, he was Co-founder and President of Live Reach Media, a data analytics provider for the out of home advertising market where he was responsible for all commercial activities. He also successfully managed the growth of small and large businesses at leading companies including Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, Meru Networks, and others.

My Sessions

Essential Encryption and the Intersection Between Privacy, Security and Data Access

With the work from home era fully in place, organisations are using encryption as a critical tool to safeguard data against continued cyber threats from hackers and criminal organisations.  But what are the limitations, and how do you find the balance between privacy, security and data access?

This panel will explore the use of encryption and how organisations are finding this balance.