Scott Bridgen

Global Offering Manager - GRC & Integrated Risk, OneTrust

Scott Bridgen serves as Head of GRC for OneTrust GRC– apurpose-built software designed to operationalise integrated risk management.In his role, Scott is responsible for driving the development and delivery ofOneTrust's integrated risk management product as well as driving the refinementof the toolset and offerings. He advises companies throughout their risk managementimplementations to establish processes to support operations and align withtheir enterprise objectives, including adopting industry best practices andadhering to requirements relating to relevant standards, frameworks, and laws(e.g. ISO, NIST, SIG and more). Scott works with clients to realise the extentof their risk exposure, helping clients to map their digital infrastructure,assess risks, combat threats, monitor ongoing performance, and documentevidence throughout the risk lifecycle.

My Sessions

Panel: Creating a PrivSec Cross-Functional Alliance

Cross-team collaboration to promote privacy in the workplace is essential to mitigate organisations’ risk. This panel will look at the key problems organisations have with siloed teams and how they are addressing these challenges, enabling team alliance for privacy and the importance of ongoing communication between the legal department and a company’s chief privacy and security officers.

  • Janine McKelvey, General Counsel BT - Group Data Governance, Privacy and Ethics Officer, British Telecom
  • Lee Whatford, Chief Information Security Officer, Domino's
  • Eleni Kelly, Chief Digital Officer, Crown Commercial Service
  • Scott Bridgen, Head of GRC, OneTrust
Streamlining GRC: The Value of Privacy and Risk in Context

The current wave of digital transformation and privacy regulations has forced businesses to reevaluate how and what information they store and track. While privacy management touches almost all the traditional disciplines of GRC, it’s often an after-thought compliance exercise. In this session, we discuss how businesses can broaden their privacy-by-design exercises to identify and track potential risk in real-time. We'll also outline how to optimize data inventories through classification to streamline GRC efforts on a larger scale. 


Scott Bridgen, Head of GRC, OneTrust