Sam Shah

Chief Medical Officer, Numan

Sam Shah, Chief Medical Officer, Numan Professor Sam Shah is Founder and Director of the Faculty of Future Health with Ulster and Chief Medical Officer, Numan.

He is a Digital Health Adviser to a number of health and tech companies. Sam was previously Director of Digital Development for NHS England and NHSX and he works clinically in primary care.

Sam has worked on a number of initiatives including the flagship project to digitise urgent care in the NHS. He has worked across the UK health system in primary care, public health, acute services, education & training and digital transformation.

My Sessions

Patient Privacy in the Middle of a Pandemic

In the frantic early stages of the pandemic, enormous potential risks are being stored up for the future in the way that population data is created, stored and used. This panel looks at some of the most crucial issues such as widespread contract tracing and immunity passports.

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