Renata Vincoletto

Information Security Manager - GRC, Life Sciences Industry

I’m a passionate IT and Cyber Security advocate with 20 years of experience, working with different industry segments, from SMB to multinational companies, charities and for-profit companies, emphasising information security, network administration, team/department management, IT administration and delivery, quality of services, project and budget management, creation and review of IT security policies and risk analysis.

My Sessions

Mastering the Use of Cyber Threat Intelligence

Today’s secure environment will no doubt have security flaws in it tomorrow, so organisations cannot become complacent. Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is a process that enables organisations to understand the threat landscape and analyse risks. This intelligence can help organisations develop core capabilities to anticipate breaches before they occur. This session explores CTI frameworks, how organisations can gather and analyse intelligence, how CTI can add value and be operationalised.

  • Sarb Sembhi, Advisor / Joint Vice-Chair of the Smart Buildings Group, IoT Security Foundation