Marius Poskus

IT Security Operations Analyst, Domino's UK

Have been working in cyber security space for a number of years in SOC environment, threat intel, blue team, SOC optimization, threat modelling as well as threat alignment with Mitre Att&ck, purple teaming and research on attack emulations in your environment gearing towards threat informed defence.

My Sessions

Achieving Operational Resilience to Get Ahead of the Next Breach

A resilient business is less prone to incurring lapses in operations and losses from cyber incidents and disruptions. Operational resilience is a set of techniques that gives people (employees, customers, partners), processes and systems to adapt to evolving risks. In this session we look at how you can:

  • Take a holistic view of risk through continuous assessment and monitoring
  • Establish steps to prevent impact
  • Implement controls to ensure optimum security and continuity of operations
  • Map interconnections and interdependencies to get a handle of organisational risk appetite and posture
  • Prepare, respond and recover from realised risks
  • Annick O'Brien, Privacy and Compliance Counsel, Data Privacy Analytics