Kennon Kincaid

Chief Operating Officer, Odgers Berndtson US

Kennon is the Chief Operating Officer of Odgers Berndtson USA and a Member of the Board.  He is responsible for all people, processes and operations of the U.S. division of the world’s sixth largest executive search firm. He, together with the CEO, leads the U.S. organization’s growth strategy and is Co-Head of its U.S. brand extensions: Berwick Partners and Odgers Interim.  Kennon is a Member of the Board.

Prior to joining Odgers, Kennon spent over a decade building teams and advancing international relationships as a U.S. diplomat across Europe, Africa, and the Asia Pacific before joining Rocket Lab, a cutting-edge aerospace company and launch service provider, where he led international business development, security operations, and government relations.

Kennon is  a Board Director of the U.S. Civilian Corps, and an Advisory Board Member of the Getka Group, an integrated energy company.

He is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute with a B.A. in International Studies, and the proud father of two young boys.

My Sessions

Consent Driven PII Data Usage (Sponsored by Manetu)

Global regulations (such as GDPR and CPRA) require that data owners must have transparency around how their data is used, and they have the right to update their consent around this data usage.


Companies must have an easy-to-use data management platform that gives them the highest levels of flexibility to ethically mine data that they hold within their platforms.


Join Manetu as they outline a roadmap to ensuring your organisation has the highest levels of flexibility through data management.

In this session attendees will learn;

  • 1. How consent management drives ethical data usage
  • 2  How a fully automated platform allows for realtime communications with with data subjects
  • 3  How data harmonization across enterprise storage systems resolves stale-data problem within an enterprise