Jenna Rode

Counsel, Global Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice at Hunton Andrews Kurth

My Sessions

OneTrust. US Privacy Update: CCPA, CPRA, Virginia, State Laws and Federal Law

The CCPA marked the dawning of a new age in US privacy. Since then, many states have tabled their own privacy bills in order to modernize privacy laws across the country. In just the first two months of 2021 we have seen New York, Washington, and Virginia all introduce, or re-introduce, comprehensive privacy bills, giving US citizens increased rights around the use of their personal data. The patchwork of state-by-state provisions has also led to increasing calls for a federal privacy law over the past 18 months.   In this session we will give an update on the key state bills currently in the legislative cycle, the status of a potential federal privacy law, and how the US privacy landscape may change in the next 12 months.