Greg Mroczkowski

Director, Public Policy - IAB Europe

Greg Mroczkowski is IAB Europe’s Director of Public Policy. He is a public policy professional with an interest and experience in the online media and advertising industry. In his current role, he engages on substantive policy dossiers pertaining to privacy and data protection, advertising, disinformation and media, as well as oversees advocacy strategy and EU institutional liaison. Greg also represents IAB Europe in various industry fora, ensuring effective collaboration with ad ecosystem stakeholders.

My Sessions

Adtech in a Post Third-party Cookie Era: ePrivacy Regulations Across the Globe

Google’s announcement to block 3rd-party cookies from Chrome by 2022, means that digital marketing teams must overhaul their practices fairly quickly.The IAB Europe’s Programmatic Trading Committee (PTC) created a guide in 2020 to prepare brands, agencies, publishers and tech intermediaries for the much-anticipated post third-party cookie advertising ecosystem.

This session will look at the current adtech ePrivacy guidance and landscape and what solutions are being put in place to replace the use of third-party cookies?

  • Jeff Gary, Policy Director, Institute for Technology Law & Policy | Georgetown Law