Goher Mohammad

Head of Information Security, L&Q Group

Making his mark as one of the youngest IT leaders in Omnicom Group back in 2004, Goher has a huge passion for Technology,Information and Cyber Security with a drive not just do things well but in aninnovative and better way.

Having had to deal with more comprehensive but secure and controlled structures in Citibank and Merrill Corporation to more agile environments within Omnicom group and Photobox Group Security, it’s taking and combining the best of both.

At L&Q, the goal is to bring information and cyber security to the forefront to meet the demands and ambitions of the organisation in an agile and future proof way. A keen diver, traveller keen to explore the world, Goher also loves play retro video games and not so secretly is a complete tech geek. Deep down, his inquisitive nature is always looking to understand the inner workings of everything that’s around and in turn, how can it be made better.

My Sessions

Essential Encryption and the Intersection Between Privacy, Security and Data Access

With the work from home era fully in place, organisations are using encryption as a critical tool to safeguard data against continued cyber threats from hackers and criminal organisations.  But what are the limitations, and how do you find the balance between privacy, security and data access?

This panel will explore the use of encryption and how organisations are finding this balance.