Fahim Afghan

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Egress Software Technologies

Fahim is a passionate advocate of intelligent email security concepts that exploit new technologies to help customers mitigate insider risk and transform security into a competitive weapon.

Before joining Egress, Fahim served as Head of Product Marketing at GlobalData plc, a leading data and analytics company headquartered in London. Prior to that he was Vice President, Content at Gartner Supply Chain.

Fahim is a keen guitarist, having played for the best part of three decades, while he also likes to ruin a nice walk with a round of golf. He lives in north London with his wife and two young children.

My Sessions

The failures of static DLP and how to protect against tomorrow’s email breaches

Data breaches caused by outbound email are prolific. In the last 12 months, 93% of organizations experienced security incidents where email use has put sensitive data at risk. And these are not one-off occurrences. In fact, an organization of just 250 employees experiences an average of 180 incidents every year that put sensitive data at risk.

That's one every 12 working hours.Viewed through this lens, it is not an understatement to say that legacy email DLP technologies have failed you. In response, you need to understand how advances in intelligent technology can keep confidential and proprietary information safe on email.

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  • Understand how and why people leak data on email
  • See the impact of COVID-19 and remote working on email security
  • Discover the limitations of static DLP technologies to prevent human-activated email data breaches
  • Learn how contextual machine learning mitigates email security risks
  • Fahim Afghan, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Egress Software Technologies
Essential Encryption and the Intersection Between Privacy, Security and Data Access

With the work from home era fully in place, organisations are using encryption as a critical tool to safeguard data against continued cyber threats from hackers and criminal organisations.  But what are the limitations, and how do you find the balance between privacy, security and data access?

This panel will explore the use of encryption and how organisations are finding this balance.