Dr. Ashad Kabir

Deputy Leader of Data Mining Research and Senior Lecturer in Computing at Charles Sturt University, Australia

Dr. Ashad Kabir is a Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and the Deputy Leader of Data Mining Research Group in the Charles Sturt University, Australia. He received his Ph.D. from the Swinburne University of Technology, Australia and Master’s in Computer Engineering from the Pusan National University, South Korea.

He has more than ten years research experience in the area of mobile applications, context-aware access control, user-centric privacy, and blockchain, and published 50+ peer-reviews articles in that area. He has proven strong national and international research collaborations.

Dr. Kabir has been invited to visit the University of Toronto (Canada), York University (Canada), University of Maryland (USA), Texas A&M University - Kingsville (USA), Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand), Chandigarh University (India), University Amikom Yogyakarta (Indonesia) and King Abdul-Aziz University (Saudi Arabia) as a Guest speaker/Keynote speaker/Visiting Researcher.

He has been involved in several projects from different industries/institutions, including Rolls-Royce (Singapore), INRIA (France), AutoCRC (Australia) and Computer Associate (Australia).

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