David Blaskowsky

Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, HeliosData

David Blaskowsky leads Helios Data, Inc.’s strategy and regulatory affairs. Helios Data is a privacy-compliant personal data sharing company based in Silicon Valley, USA. Companies with stores of personal data for consumer and other data subjects trust it to Helios Data’s Privacy Management Platform and technologies. Our solution enables companies to share data with partners - both internal and external - for any purpose including analytical insight, advertising, and other forms of monetization-while ensuring data privacy and integrity. 

David has held leadership roles relating to the management, commercialization, and regulation/compliance of sensitive and personal data and business intelligence for 25 years, including in privacy technologies (co-leading Accenture privacy platform practice), data governance (founding State Street’s data governance organization, and financial and business data and analytics (product and GM roles at Standard & Poor’s and McGraw-Hill). David also started and led the US Securities and Exchange’s structured data and disclosure modernization (XBRL) program, where he also led the development of other standards such as the Legal Entity Identifier (ISO 17442) and was helped managed the stand-up data programs at the US Treasury’s new Office of Financial Research following Dodd-Frank. David has also held consulting and management roles at McKinsey & Co., PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Gemini, and led FinTech innovation for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

David earned a BA in Economics from the University of Chicago, and an MBA from Northwestern University, and is based outside of Boston, MA.David

My Sessions

US Privacy: The Year for Change?

The US privacy landscape is currently fragmented. With nearly half of the States planning to introduce new privacy bills in the first half of 2020 but having to postpone them due to Covid-19. These are likely to pick up once the vaccines are rolled out. The panel will look at the future of privacy for the US now the Democrats have gained power of the Whitehouse, whether this will be a game-changer for Privacy and it will be pushed higher up the agenda.

  • Joe Tidy, Cyber Security Correspondent, BBC News
  • James A. Trilling, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission
  • Dominique Shelton Leipzig, Partner, Privacy & Security, Perkins Coie LLP and recognised as‘ Woman Leader in Tech Law’
  • Jeff Gary, Policy Director, Institute for Technology Law & Policy, Georgetown Law
  • David Blaskowsky, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, HeliosData