Christopher Muffat

Founder and CEO, Dathena

Christopher Muffat is Dathena’s Founder and CEO. He has over fourteen years’ experience in information security risk management, including leading the internal SwissLeaks digital forensics investigation for HSBC and thereafter acting as Head of Information Risk Management for Barclays Bank in Europe and Asia Pacific. Chris also acted as a Senior Security Analyst for Emirates Airlines, where he conducted research on cybersecurity risk in safety-critical systems. Chris holds a degree in Network Administration from ISG and a Bachelor’s in IT from Infosup.

My Sessions

Sponsor Sessions - Dathena. CISOs: The Villains or the unsung Superheroes? You decide.

The sentiments towards CISOs are more than often unfavourable; seen as a pain or a menace, employees’ aversion stems from the constant nagging to adhere to security protocols. On the flip side, CISOs are struggling more than ever due to the rapid adoption of remote work giving them less visibility and control over the activities of remote employees. In this session, we explore how to empower CISOs with the tools they need enforce data protection in the current climate and reshape the way they are viewed in the organisation.


Christopher Muffat - Dathena Founder & CEO