Chris Hatch

Head of Data Management, Reed Screening

As the Head of Data Management for REED Global, I work between the functions of the DPO, IT, Compliance, Legal and Operations to ensure the business complies with Data Protection Legislation in an efficient and effective way. Making sure that Privacy is at the heart of what we do, my role is to build trust with our Candidates and Clients through effective Data Management that enables and drives positive change in addition to protecting the business. In an industry like Recruitment, that moves with pace, maintaining control through embedding standardisation and governance is key to achieving consistency and a fair outcome.

With previous experience in Project Management my focus has always been data; from system decommissions and migrations to robotics and implementing system and operational solutions to legislative change. As part of the team delivering the GDPR programme for a large Insurance company and as the GDPR BAU Transition lead for a FTSE100 retail business I have confidence in saying: GDPR applies to all!

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