Anhad Singh, PhD

Global Technical Leader, Partners, PKWARE

Anhad is a data privacy expert with a strong background in data-centric security and data analysis. He is currently the Global Technical Leader on the channel partner team for PKWARE’s recent acquisition, Dataguise, where he works with Fortune 500 companies to automate compliance with numerous data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Dr. Singh received his M.S. degree and his Ph.D. from the University of California Davis.



My Sessions

Cloud Matters: Data Storage, Migration and Access Management in the New Normal

One year on from the biggest transformation in the way we work, organisations have had to embrace digital transformation and with that create migration to the cloud. With cloud migration and data storage accelerated, organisations need to keep in mind privacy and security. This panel will look at the challenges and best practice for cloud migration and access management.

  • Robert Carolina, Cyber Security, IT, & IP Lawyer, Professor Royal Holloway University
  • Stephen Owen, Chief Information Security Officer, esure Group
  • Kash Mehdi, Sr. Director, Data Governance and Privacy Leader EMEA & LATAM, Informatica
  • Tanya Forsheit, Chair of the Privacy & Data Security Group. Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz PC
  • Anhad Singh, PhD, Global Technical Leader, Partners, PKWARE
The Financial Services Guide to Reducing Data Security Risks

Real-time sales and marketing activities benefit from holistic views of customer activity, but this comes with the heightened risk of sharing sensitive financial and personal information both within and outside of the organization. Many financial services organizations have processes in place to adhere to stringent compliance requirements, yet managing threats from both third parties and insiders continues to prove difficult. Common challenges in this space includes iloed data, accurate insight, and the need to balance legacy systems with cloud data.


In this session, PKWARE data security experts will share how some of the world’s largest financial institutions are discovering, protecting, and auditing sensitive data in end points, file servers, databases, cloud shares, and large data repositories for increased data protection.


Learn more about how to:


·      Identify all locations and flows of cardholder data, inventory all data and associated systems, and assess vulnerabilities and risks

·      Fix vulnerabilities, address risks, and eliminate the storage of cardholder data

·      Produce a single, enterprise-wide view of your organization’s security and compliance posture for executives and auditors

·      Maximize the security of sensitive data while meeting requirements, such as PCI DSS