Updates on the ePrivacy Regulation: Change Is Around the Corner but Is Your Company Prepared? (Sponsored by Usercentrics)

March 23, 2021 12:30 PM

For quite some time now, the discussions regarding a uniform European regulation on electronic communication (the ePrivacy Regulation) have been on everyone's mind. After much anticipation, the European Council has recently adopted a new draft that will now be discussed at the European Parliament. This means that a final regulatory text can be expected in the near future. But how will this have an  impact on companies all over the world? In this session our experts will provide you with an update of the current status of the ePrivacy Regulation as well as discuss the expected developments. Furthermore, this session will dive deeper into the entanglement between the GDPR and ePrivacy regulations. To conclude, practical tips for what business can do to be fully prepared, will be provided.


The ePrivacy Regulation: current status and development

ePrivacy and GDPR: differences and Similarities

What companies must undertake to be prepared