The Internet of Insecure Things

March 24, 2021 1:15 PM

The internet of things (IoT) opens up many pathways for innovative services in many industries but it also presents new risks and vulnerabilities. With IoT adoption on the rise, security leaders need new strategies to mitigate risks.

This session looks at:
  • The current state of enterprise IoT security, the IoT devices most susceptible to risks and the top risks plaguing enterprises
  • The importance of securing supply chains and partners
  • Navigating standards and certification schemes for products and services in IoT
  • Key challenges for security with IoT growth
  • Sarb Sembhi, Advisor / Joint Vice-Chair of the Smart Buildings Group, IoT Security Foundation
  • Arun DeSouza, Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer, Nexteer Automative
  • Mitch Parker, Chief Information Security Officer, Indiana University Health
  • Paul Hampton, Senior Product Manager, Thales