The Bigger Picture: Privacy and Work in the New Normal

March 24, 2021 12:15 PM

This is a trends research piece, looking at the impact the change in working practices (driven by coronavirus) have had on data privacy & security. The research will explore some of the key risk areas, as well as reported incidents, which will be supported by case studies and interviews. Areas to consider:

  • What has been the change in the ways we work - what levels of remote working are we seeing?
  • Impact on security and subsequently, privacy in terms of remote working practices, use of cloud, end-point security etc.
  • Employee monitoring
  • Working in public spaces, use of wi-fi, so-called ‘shoulder surfing’
  • Fraud
  • Issues with corporate espionage
  • Longevity of these recent trends and changes - the ‘new normal’ and the work environment moving forwards
  • Conan Chitham, Senior Privacy Counsel, MediaMath
  • Neil Sinclair, National Cyber Lead, Police Digital Security Centre