Life After Third Party Cookies

March 23, 2021 2:00 PM

2021 is the last year Google will support the use of third-party cookies. Leaving publishers, marketers, privacy professionals, and advertisers wondering what life will actually look like in post cookie world. One thing we can assure you is: the end of third-party cookies is not the end of cookie banners or consent management platforms (CMP). Organizations will still need a cookie banner or CMP in place to comply to privacy regulations as well as capture consent for other types of cookies and tracking technologies. Additionally, marketers, publishers, and advertisers should take this year to trial strategies to maximize opt-ins and personalize user experience without relying upon third-party cookies.   In this session we’ll address the fears surrounding the deprecation of third-party cookie, the reason why organizations will still need a cookie banner or CMP, and highlight how organizations can pivot their strategy to continue to understand their audience, deliver personalization, and future-proof revenue for the next generation of the ad tech ecosystem.