IoB – Internet of Behaviours: Future New Services and Applications

March 25, 2021 1:00 PM

IoB or Internet of Behaviours is the term coined for collection of usage and data by these IoT devices provides valuable insights into users’ behaviours, interests, and preferences by gathering, combining and processing data from various different sources including citizen data processed by public agencies, commercial customer data, location tracking and social media.

This trend is on the rise and according to Gartner IoB is expected to flourish in 2021. However there is a growing concern for the security and privacy of what data is gathered, how it is gathered, navigated, and use the data, particularly at scale. We have seen how important it is too address this issues early, and as IoT has shown, if addressed well the potential problems can be turned into unique selling points.

This panel looks at the complexities and the potential consequences for security and privacy in IoB approach and industry best practice.

  • Ninela Ivanova, Innovation Fellow, Inclusive Design for Business Impact, RCA
  • Cristina Costache, Privacy Lead EMEA, General Counsel, Strauss Coffee B.V