How Secure is Your Data?

March 24, 2021 11:15 AM

Supersized data sets are becoming more common with the advent of big data - and increasingly vulnerable. What can organisations do to secure their big data and prevent breaches? This session looks at:- Better governing data access- Mapping where your data sits within unstructured data repositories, on-premise and in the cloud- Securing sensitive data assets, in transit and at rest- Visibility and technical control mechanisms, policies and processes to protect data- Understanding the risks of your unstructured data and limiting collection, use and storage.

  • Catherine Chapman, Cyber Security Journalist and Founding Board Member, InfoSec Hoppers
  • Karthik Selvaraj, Lead Cloud Architect, Telecommunication Industry
  • Dr Claudia Natanson, Chair of Trustees, UK Cyber Security Council and listed as Top Technology Influencer by Financial Times
  • Colin Henderson, VP IT & Information Security, OneTrust