Democratization of Data with Privacy and Trust to Drive Business Outcomes

March 24, 2021 10:45 AM

The COVID19 pandemic is prompting many organizations and data leaders worldwide to look for new ways to meet business outcomes. This includes operational efficiency in insights and analytics, complying with growing regulations, achieving enterprise-wide data literacy, and agility to move to the cloud, i.e. Digital Transformation. A common theme across all business goals warrants Data Democratization, making data freely available to all employees while ensuring standards for privacy and quality.

The objective is to move employees in concert from simply finding data to responsibly applying data in daily decision making, thereby being data ready for driving innovation, gaining the competitive lead, and achieving business goals. Achieving a Data Democratization environment presents unique challenges for many, which opens up the topic for today. We will discuss how organizations can operationalize Data Democratization to create business value, including cases that enable ecosystems such as Snowflake, Microsoft, Amazon, GCP, and other technologies.

  • Kash Mehdi, Data Governance and Privacy Leader | EMEA & LATAM | Informatica
  • Alberto Villari, Data Governance Domain Expert, Informatica