Building Inclusive Security Teams (Sponsored by Egress)

March 24, 2021 3:30 PM

Diversity can sometimes be referred to as the 'what' while inclusion focuses on the 'how'. In this session we look at how you can measure and benchmark your culture to enable diversity to thrive.

We explore how you can:
  • Build an inclusive workforce strategy
  • Concentrate efforts on the talent pipeline - recruitment and retention
  • Implement best practice to enable diversity through mentoring and other initiatives
  • Factor inclusion into technical and non-technical roles, junior and senior roles
  • Create and benefit from a more distributed workforce
  • Capitalise on non-traditional routes into the cyber security profession
  • Lisa Ventura, Founder and CEO of the UK Cyber Security Association
  • Ian Brown, Group Cyber Security Director, Spectris
  • Sandy Silk, Director, Information Security Education & Consulting, Harvard University
  • Esther Schagen-van Luit, Chief Information Security Officer, Deloitte and known as The Leading Lady in Cyber
  • Jessica Figueras, Trustee, UK Cyber Security Council a government-backed Cyber Security standard council