Virat Patel

Managing Director, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific

Virat Patel is the Managing Director of Pioneer Consulting Asia-pacific, a management consultancy specialising in digital services. He is based in Singapore. He has extensive experience in business strategy, business planning, product development and market entry. His recent work has focused on innovation in digital services covering enterprises and consumers. He has analysed developments in data privacy and protection, especially in Asia-pacific. As an expert in digital services, Virat has led spoken at conferences and moderated well-received panels. 

Virat has a BSc Hon in Electronic and Electrical Engineering and has studied Corporate Finance at LBS. Virat is a Chartered Engineer and a Member of the IET UK.

My Sessions
September 23, 2021 8:00 AM
Global Data Protection and Privacy Law Developments: How Ready is China and the World for their new Data Security Law?

China's Data Security Law contains provisions that cover the usage, collection, and protection of data in the PRC. Violations will trigger penalty fines and even suspension of business and revocation of license or permits. This panel will explore this new law, an increasing likelihood of a Privacy Law, and what the future holds for China.

Speakers Include:

Host: Yasmin Hinds, Global Privacy Lead & Legal Counsel, Pontoon Solutions

Wenxun (Wendy) Pang, Data Security and Privacy Protection Expert

Rogier Creemers, Assistant Professor in the Law and Governance of China at Leiden University

Virat Patel, Managing Director, Pioneer Consulting Asia-Pacific