Scott Gallant

CIPE/M, Owner/Principal, Keyed Systems, XAFE

Scott Gallant is a seasoned technology leader and business strategist with over 20 years experience architecting cross-sector integrated solutions to stimulate economic growth, enhance learning/education, and solve global business/health challenges. Gallant’s focus on technical innovation lends attention to data privacy/security, and his outcomes tend to inject safety/wellness as a value-add differentiator for clients.  He bridges business, consumer, legal, and technology teams to help evidence new best practices with highest returns. His background includes work for US local/state/federal agencies, international government Ministries, Fortune 50 public and private healthcare/retail/education companies, numerous consortia/associations, and cybersecurity organizations.

Gallant is Owner of Keyed Systems providing products and consultative services for data governance, risk, and compliance relative to privacy/security. He is CEO of XAFE offering pandemic and global health threat management solutions, and a participant in global COVID-19 data specifications/credential movements. He is Vice President of Trust for, creating ‘Trust Frameworks’ for disruptive networks utilizing blockchain philosophies and verified credentials. Gallant is Founder and Executive Director of the nonprofit Education Security and Privacy Exchange helping safeguard children/schools. He often donates time to cybersecurity and privacy workgroups and conferences on data innovation and advent of new technologies. Scott Gallant operates internationally, but currently is a resident of New Hampshire, USA with his partner and son.

My Sessions
September 23, 2021 8:00 AM
Covid-19 Vaccines, Data Protection and the Great HR Debate

The roll out of the Covid-19 vaccine has employers thinking - will they obtain, and how might they manage data on employee's covid-19 vaccination status?  And if they are collecting this, how will this affect the company's thinking on a return to the office strategy?  This panel will discuss what could be seen as an HR minefield, the Data Protection & Privacy challenges, what would nbeed to be done from a security perspective to ensure this data was safe, as everyone seeks to return to some level of post-virus new normality.

Speakers Include:

Host: Marta Dunphy-Moriel, Founder, Dunphy-Moriel Legal Services LTD

Panellists: Dr. Volker Wodianka, LL.M. (IT&T), CEO, Wodianka privacy legal GmbH

Scott Gallant, CIPE/M, Owner/Principal, Keyed Systems

Lisa Bryson, Partner, Employment & Immigration, Eversheds Sutherland

Natalie James, Partner, Deloitte Australia – Risk Advisory | Workplace Integrity