Rebecca Perry

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Exterro

Rebecca Perry is the Director of Strategic Partnerships at Exterro, the leader in helping companies manage their information compliantly and defensibly – in compliance with data privacy and cybersecurity regulations like the GDPR, NYS DFS, CCPA and others. Rebecca has been with Exterro more than 25 years helping legal, compliance, privacy and IT executives in the areas of information governance, data mapping, data minimization, records retention and third-party diligence. She manages the Alliance Partnership with the Association of Corporate Counsel and builds strategic relationships with leading law firms.

My Sessions
September 23, 2021 7:00 PM
Setting a Solid Foundation for a Practical and Effective Data Breach Response (Sponsored by Exterro)

Today's cybersecurity landscape is increasingly complex. Data breach frequency is accelerating, and ransomware poses an ever-growing threat. An effective response to these incidents is critical to mitigating breach impact. Organizations that have implemented a systematic and orchestrated approach to their response across the entire organization will limit both the technical and reputation damage an incident can cause and improve your defensibility in subsequent litigation.

Ensuring consistency and efficiency across multiple stakeholders and seamless handoffs between departments, a well-designed and executed plan, reliable and secure communication, fully trackable and auditable activities are the pillars of a solid foundation of a practical Data Breach response. How can organizations leverage technology to build a sustainable and accountable approach to demonstrate compliance and improve defensibility?

Speakers Include:

Host: Rebecca Perry, Director of Strategic Partnerships - Exterro

Amalia Barthel, Privacy Consultant & Advisor - University of Toronto

Claudiu Popa, Security, Privacy & Cyberfraud Risk Advisor - Informatica

Jason M. Schwent, Senior Counsel - Clark Hill

September 22, 2021 7:00 PM
Conquering a CPRA Data Retention Strategy in 60 Days (Sponsored by Exterro)

The California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA)  comes into effect on January 1, 2023. Among its new requirements is a new data retention provision. Personal and sensitive information must be disposed of when its purpose has been fulfilled, and the organization must disclose the retention policy at the time of collection.  And the data retention policies apply to data collected on or after January 1, 2022.  Under CPRA, companies can no longer simply hold on to individuals’ personal data forever, they must have robust data retention and disposal practices.

Every organization has data retention policies, but very few actually operationalize them. CPRA shines a light on these practices, and holds organizations accountable for them. The regulation also establishes a new enforcement agency, which indicates increasingly vigorous enforcement as CPRA goes into effect. Data breach risks are also heightened, as litigators can easily show negligence when data has been kept beyond its retention period.

Speakers Include:

Host: Rebecca Perry, Director of Strategic Partnerships - Exterro

Chris Costello, Senior E-Discovery Attorney, Winston and Strawn LLC

Eric Shinabarger, Associate Attorney, Winston and Strawn LLC