Max Hadler

COVID-19 Senior Policy Expert, Physicians for Human Rights

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September 22, 2021 5:00 PM
Covid-19 Vaccine Take Up, Tracking and Passes: What Does the New Normal Truly Look like?

The implementation of the Covid-19 global vaccine campaign was never going to be simple and straight-forward.  What of those who cannot have the vaccine or refuse?  How is this to be tracked or categorised? What do vaccine passes truly mean to the new normal our world is striving to obtain. Are passes an invasion of your Data Protection and Privacy? Are they a cybersecurity concern? Do they inhibit freedom in its real sense? This panel will explore one of the most important topics being debated today - how do we get more people vaccinated?; how do we track and trace more effectively in the future to live with this virus, and how do we have more freedom with passes or passports in the future?

Speakers Include:

Host: Albert Fox Cahn, Esq., Executive Director, S.T.O.P. Surveillance Technology Oversight Project

Orsolya Reich PhD, Senior Advocacy Officer, Civil Liberties union for Europe

Max Hadler, COVID-19 Senior Policy Expert, Physicians for Human Rights

Sheila Sokolowski, Chair, Health and Biotech Privacy Group, Hintze Law LLC