Emma Martins

Data Protection Commissioner, Bailiwick of Guernsey

Emma Martins has been Data Protection Commissioner for the Bailiwick of Guernsey since 2012. At that time, she was also Information Commissioner for Jersey following the creation of a pan-Island regulatory office. Emma joined the Data Protection Office in Jersey in 2002 as Deputy Registrar and was appointed as Registrar in 2006. In 2017, the Jersey and Guernsey offices were separated, and Emma remained in her post for Guernsey leaving the Jersey role in early 2018.

My Sessions
September 22, 2021 11:00 AM
Privacy Culture Panel: Embedding a Culture of Privacy (Sponsored by Privacy Culture)

The world’s first academia and industry-led research that has been conducted to map employee privacy culture attitudes and behaviours across the spectrum of privacy domains and controls. An authoritative 24-page, 2021 Report highlights some of the key challenges facing DPOs/CPOs when it comes to embedding a culture of privacy across their organisation, some of these unique insights include:
- Nearly a third of employees are not confident that Data is deleted or anonymised once it has been used for its original purpose.
- One fifth of employees do not believe their organisation is open and transparent about how it uses the personal data of its stakeholders.
- 1 in 4 employees do not know the difference between Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data.

For those of you familiar with our Global Privacy Maturity Framework, our survey tool, Culture Horizon, utilises the same 12 domains–or global privacy principles (i.e. NIST, CCPA, GDPR, OECD) – to measure the cultures of privacy. With over 3,000 anonymous participants from over 52 countries and across the whole gamut of sectors, roles, and functions, this truly is the first and the most thorough snapshot of privacy culture to date.

Today, we have invited the survey respondents to answer some questions about the survey results and obtain their unique and unparalleled experience on the topic of embedding a culture of privacy.

Speakers Include:

Host: Steve Wright, Partner, Privacy Culture

Vickie Guilloit, Partner, Privacy Culture

Emma Martins, Data Protection Commissioner, Bailiwick of Guernsey

Vivienne Artz OBE, Chief Privacy Officer, LSEG

Antonis Patrikios, Partner, Dentons

September 23, 2021 10:00 AM
Data Breaches: The Brand Battle for CMOs After Your Data is Breached (Sponsored by Wired Relations)

Fresh cyber attacks and data breaches across Volkswagen, Audi, McDonalds and Electronic Arts highlight the growing cybersecurity and data threat. So what can marketing leaders do about preventing and reacting to these crises?  This panel will discuss the evolution from breach to the steps that need to be taken to best protect their brand.

Speakers Included:

Host: Stewart Room, Partner, Global Head of Data Protection & Cyber Security, DWF Law LLP

Jacob Høedt Larsen, Partner, Wired Relations

Emma Martins, Data Protection Commissioner, Bailiwick of Guernsey