Dominic Vogel

Founder & Chief Strategist, CyberSC

As Founder & Chief Strategist at CyberSC, Dominic Vogel holds a proven track record within cyber security across multitude of industries (financial services, logistics, transportation, healthcare, government, telecommunications, and critical infrastructure). He spent many years in the credit union system working as the business information security officer for one of Canada’s largest credit unions. Dominic actively participates in the global security community and is a well-respected cyber security expert for appearing on media news outlets across North America and Internationally on BBC World News. Dominic is highly regarded as a cyber security thought leader and serves on the BC Provincial Cyber Security Advisory Committee.  

Dominic focuses much of his energy on providing strategic security leadership to businesses to proactively solve their cyber risk challenges. He serves as an external cyber risk advisor to various board of directors and C-Suite executives. He is a sought out cyber security speaker delivering educational and entertaining sessions to business executives across the world.

My Sessions
September 23, 2021 6:00 PM
Emerging Challenges in Cybersecurity: Implications of Biden’s executive order on supply chains and Third Party Risk Management (Sponsored by Process Unity)

As detailed by PWC, "The supply chain order, like most of the policies proposed by the new Biden administration so far, takes a whole-of-government approach—emphasizing climate change, diversity, American jobs and cybersecurity. The pandemic already laid bare many of the vulnerabilities in the supply chains of key areas like pharmaceuticals, semiconductors and the food supply. Companies should be (if they are not already) looking at this confluence of policy areas when considering solutions for their supply chain that will shore up these vulnerabilities brought about by pandemics, climate change and geopolitical pressures."  This panel will explore these questions around cybersecurity and the implications of this executive order.

Speakers Include:

Host: Nandita Rao, Privacy, DoorDash

Dominic Vogel, Founder & Chief Strategist, CyberSC

Jake Bernstein, CISSP, Partner, K&L Gates LLP, Cybersecurity and Privacy

Todd Boehler, Senior Vice President of Strategy, Process Unity

September 22, 2021 8:00 PM
Ransomware is not out of control, it is everything from cryptocurrencies to users

This panel will explore a controversial topic: what is more out of control at the moment, ransomware attacks or our susceptibility due to outside forces such as cryptocurrencies and the very users/staff of our companies?

Speakers Included:

Host: Annick O'Brien, CCO, CybSafe

Dominic Vogel, Founder & Chief Strategist, CyberSC

Joel Schwarz, Director, MBL Technologies and Adjunct Law Professor; Ex-Federal Cyber Prosecutor

Chris Painter, Ex-US Prosecutor/ex-White House, Cybersecurity Expert

Dr. Richard Forno, Principal Lecturer, CSEEDirector, Graduate Cybersecurity ProgramAssistant Director, UMBC Center for Cybersecurity