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Global Data Privacy & Protection Expert Strategist

Debbie Reynolds is the Founder, CEO, and Chief Data Privacy Officer of Debbie Reynolds Consulting LLC.  Debbie Reynolds, “The Data Diva,” is a world-renowned technologist, thought-leader, and advisor to Multinational Corporations for handling global Data Privacy, Cyber Data Breach response, and complex cross-functional data-driven projects. Ms. Reynolds is an internationally published author, highly sought speaker, and top media presence about global Data Privacy, Data Protection, and Emerging Technology issues. Ms. Reynolds has also been recognized as a Technology Visionary and as a top leader in the Data Privacy industry worldwide.

My Sessions
September 22, 2021 12:00 PM
Relationship between Innovation and Equity: Facial Recognition

Facial recognition divides opinion as much as any other innovative technology. But, however disruptive, facial recognition technologies power a wave of innovative tools and business applications. This panel will explore the pluses and the minuses, and what the future holds for this technology and its relationship with human beings.

Speakers Include:

Host: Robert Bateman, Analyst and Research Director, GRC World Forums

Debbie Reynolds, "The Data Diva", Debbie Reynolds Consulting, LLC

Melinda L. McLellan, Partner, BakerHosteler