Cristiana Deca

CEO & Data Protection Expert, Decalex Digital

Entrepreneur by design, full stack data protection expert, I am the founder of the first romanian privacy compliance company focused exclusively on privacy and data protection.

Counting 9+years of experience in data protection and privacy, recognized by clients, partners, and colleagues as an out of the box consultant I do my best to deliver business oriented privacy & data protection programs into companies.

I strongly believe privacy literacy is essential for the future and my contribution is to help companies use data protection and privacy as a business enabler.

My Sessions
September 22, 2021 8:00 AM
Europe’s Gamble on AI Regulations and what this means for Business

The proposed AI Regulation is a vast and ambitious law that attempts to both facilitate the use of AI across Europe and protect Europeans from its more harmful effects.  This panel will explore what these new regulations will mean for business, and what effects Europe's gamble to regulate will have.

Speakers include:

Host: Robert Bateman, Analyst and Research Director, GRC World Forums

Cristiana Deca, Data protection specialist & founder, Decalex Digital

Sandy Tsakiridi, Group Senior Legal Counsel, HSBC