Operationalising Data Retention to Reduce Data Risks (Sponsored by Exterro)

It is estimated that up to 70% of an organisation’s unstructured data is redundant, obsolete and trivial, which creates enormous risk to potential cyber threats, as well as exposure to regulations such as the GDPR for non-compliance in handling and deleting data accordingly. Data you do not have cannot be breached, it isn't discoverable in litigation or investigations, and it doesn't require any efforts to store, secure, or manage effectively.

Join our expert panel for an enlightening discussion, plus essential tips and techniques to keep your house in order. We’ll cover a recap on the Data Retention requirements in the GDPR, strategies for operationalising data retention and minimisation, and practical hints and tips from our expert panel.

Speakers Include:

Host: Jennifer Riggins, Tech Marketing Consultant, Tech Storyteller, SEO Copywriter, eBranding Ninja, Freelance Marketing and Creative Services

Noemí Alonso Calvo, Senior Director, Privacy Counsel, bluebirdBio, GmbH

Glen Hymers, Head of Data Privacy and Compliance, Data Privacy and Compliance Team, CDIO Directorate, Cabinet Office

Dominic Johnstone, Information Governance Consultant, Aston Chartwell Associates

September 23, 2021 9:00 AM