Ransomware Hacks: Are You and Your Vendors Vulnerable? (Sponsored by OneTrust)

In recent months, supply chain attacks have made headlines and wreaked havoc across businesses. These attacks, which often use ransomware, can impact thousands of organizations by targeting a single company. In a recent case, an IT Management Software company suffered a ransomware attack which impacted as many as 1,500 small businesses that rely on the company’s software. In another case, thousands of oil-reliant companies were disrupted as a ransomware attack shut down the fuel supply for a major US pipeline. So, what does this mean for your security program? What are the implications on the security industry as a whole? And more specifically, how does the rise of ransomware impact your vendor risk management strategy?

Join our session as we breakdown the impact a ransomware hack can have, explore its impact on modern cybersecurity, and outline how businesses can protect themselves and their vendors from falling victim to large-scale attacks in the future.

Speakers Include:

Jaymin Desai, CIPP/E, CIPM, Third-Party Risk Offering Manager, OneTrust

September 22, 2021 6:00 PM