Ethics and Consent: Mirror, Mirror, Consent Is the Fairest Lawful Basis of Them All (Sponsored by Egress)

Some say it is ‘meaningless’, when it is ‘meaning-full’. Some say it is ‘just one of the lawful bases’ and that it is
difficult to do, when, in fact, it is easy to do. Some say that it is ‘worthless’, and that, in particular, it cannot be used when people are faced with an imbalance of power, when in fact Consent is a power-provider, empowering customers, patients, employees, and, also, organisations... and it is the most likely lawful basis to gain you customer, patient and employee Trust, and therefore loyalty, and, therefore, increased business and opportunities.

Attend this session and find out why Consent, in complexion, simplicity and empowerment, really is the Fairest Lawful Basis of Them All.

Speakers Include:

Host: Thomas Besore, Attorney/Owner, Thomas G Besore, Attorney at Law

Judith Ratcliffe, Manager EY Cyber Security – Privacy and Trusted Technology, EY

Ashley Goren-Gibson, Goren-Gibson Consulting

September 22, 2021 1:00 PM