Sector and Geo Track

Alongside the Privacy and Security tracks, we will also be taking deep dives into key subjects and sectors in the PrivSec Focus stream running over all four days.

These self-contained events will focus on vital sectors such as financial services, technology and healthcare as well as ones looking at the regulatory, political and business issues affecting specific regions across the world.

Sector and Geo Agenda

Delve into our agenda of keynote sessions, in-depth presentations and sector & geographic specific events.

Middle East and North Africa Privacy Focus

11:00 GMT

Best Practice Advice on Data Sharing Requests Policy

The regulatory regimes across the Middle East and North Africa are going through a stage of rapid development and alignment, creating challenges for companies doing business across the region.

This panel will look at best practice in the specific policy area of data sharing requests.


Privacy Policy Manager (Middle East and Africa), Facebook

Global Data Privacy Manager, Etihad Airways

Data  Protection & Privacy Officer, Vodafone Egypt

Managing Director, Ankura

12:00 GMT

Implementing a Robust Data Protection Program

Building and maintaining strong data protection strategies faces specific challenges for organisations working in the Middle East and North Africa region.

This panel brings together subject matter experts from a range of industries to discuss practical approaches.


Privacy & Data Protection, Arab Bank Group

DPO and Head of New Business & Venture Compliance Support, International Compliance, QNB Group

Sr. Privacy & Data Protection Lead, Vodafone Egypt

Partner, Privacy Culture

13:00 GMT

The Future of Data Protection Across the MENA Region

At the start of June Dubai passed legislation to bring privacy regulation into line with other geopolitical regions – as the Dubai International Financial Centre is the financial hub of the UAE and to some extent the wider GCC, it will influence data protection policy beyond its own borders.

We look at prospects across the Middle East regulatory ecosystem.


Head of Technology, Media and Telecommunications, Al Tamimi & Company

Vice President, Legal & Director of Data Protection, Office of the Commissioner of Data Protection, DIFC

Data Privacy Lead, NEOM Smart City

Data Protection Officer, Qatar Financial Centre

Latin America Privacy Focus

17:00 GMT

The Challenges for Data Protection During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Latin American countries have been some of the worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic and the fallout will be felt across many sectors as organisations struggle to adapt to new employment practices – in this session, the panel examines the impact on privacy and security.


Senior Attorney, Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal, Argentina

Intellectual Property and Privacy Attorney, Axkati Legal

Data Protection Officer‎, Lojas Riachuelo

Data Protection Officer, Audi Mexico

18:00 GMT

LGPD Developments and How to Prepare for the Legislation

Controversy has stalked the development of Brazil’s LGPD but the final decision is expected before the end of August – with power politics still in play, what are the prospects for effective enforcement and how might that affect regulation in the rest of the region.

This panel looks at prospects for legislation and how organisations can prepare.


Chief Data Protection Officer, Softplan

Legal Counsel | Privacy and Data Protection Lead | Teacher, ThoughtWorks

Privacy Officer EMEA & LATAM

Senior Partner, Demarest Advogados

19:00 GMT

The Development of Data Privacy Laws Across LATAM Region

Our panel brings together experts from across Latin America to consider how the regulatory landscape is likely to develop over the next few years, how organisations can begin to anticipate those changes and how enforcement is likely to vary between countries.


Senior Attorney, Marval, O'Farrell & Mairal, Argentina

Attorney, Davis Graham & Stubbs LLP

Privacy Counsel, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

Privacy, Data Protection & Technology Counsel

Privacy and Data Protection, CVC Corp

APAC Privacy Focus

8:00 GMT

Harmonisation of Data Protection Regulations Across the Region

Harmonisation of regulation across the major APAC economies continues to be a major theme of 2020 and 2021 – this panel will review the most thorny problems,  the efforts to resolve them and how organisations can best prepare.


Privacy & Data Protection, Arab Bank Group

Asia Regional Privacy Officer, Rakuten

Senior Manager Data Protection & Chief Privacy Officer, Air New Zealand

Head of IP and Data Protection, Galadari Advocates & Legal Consultants

9:00 GMT

Artificial Intelligence, Data Privacy & Cyber Security Assurance

The region’s economic growth and technical innovation over the last two decades has resonated through almost all industries but what will the coming years bring in terms of APAC’s influence over AI, privacy and security?

This panel will look at the interplay between the most important countries and market sectors.


Managing Director, Ankura

Senior Managing Director, Ankura

Global Chief Privacy Officer, Willis Towers Watson

Managing Partner, TechLegis Advocates & Solicitors

Partner, Digital Law, Mills Oakley

10:00 GMT

The Biggest Challenges for Indian Data Protection Professionals in 2021

From the coronavirus pandemic to changing regulation in the region, India faces special challenges over the coming year.

This panel brings together practitioners and experts to discuss how organisations in the private and public sector can prepare themselves for the most important issues facing them.


Partner, Reina Legal LLP

Security Privacy GRC Architecture, Tata Consultancy

Executive Chairman, Foundation of Data Protection Professionals in India (FDPPI)

Lead Commercial Counsel (Global Transactions, Contracts and Privacy)

Africa Privacy Focus

11:00 GMT

Regulatory Perspectives on Pan-African Data Protection Regulation

Data protection regulation has developed significantly in the past 15 years with Nigeria and Egypt the most recent to bring in new legislation.

This session will examine the prospects for the development of a unified regulatory regime for data protection across a hugely diverse continent. The privacy authorities in a number of countries are attempting to bring their work into line and one of Africa’s leading commissioners will discuss progress.


Executive Director of the Ghana Data Protection Commission

Corporate Lawyer and Governance Enthusiast, Hamu Legal

12:00 GMT

Bridging the Gap Between Policy and Implementation in Africa

Legislation and the policy that follows it is only the start of effective execution - this session brings together a hugely experienced and varied panel to discuss common flaws in implementation and how they can be overcome.


Data Protection Consultant, Co.Founder & Executive Director, Africa Digital RIghts' Hub

Digital Rights Attorney Data Protection and Privacy Practitioner

Policy Lead, Google and Fellow, BKC Harvard

Corporate Lawyer and Governance Enthusiast, Hamu Legal

Privacy Policy Manager (Middle East and Africa), Facebook

13:00 GMT

Developments of POPIA: What's to Come and What You Need to Know

The implementation of Protection of Personal Information Act is a very significant development in the South African privacy profession, aligning the country much more strongly with international international regulation - this panel discusses the implications for practitioners.


Data Protection Officer, Law Firm

Head of Technology, Media, Telecommunications and Data Privacy Law, ENS

Partner (Privacy and Data Protection), Tech Hive Advisory

Privacy Officer, Africa, Sasol

Financial Services Privacy Focus

14:00 GMT

Staying Competitive while Maintaining Global Regulatory Compliance

From managing risk to creating edge: how data protection practitioners are helped to build competitive advantage for their organisations.

This panel looks at how companies can stay agile in the face of developing international regulation, not allowing robustness to stymie innovation.


Managing Counsel, Global Privacy and Security, Fiserv

Head of Information Security and Privacy,  China Construction Bank

Senior Vice President, Cyber & Intelligence Solutions, Mastercard

Co-founder & Chief Evangelist, Ground Labs

Partner, Privacy Culture

15:00 GMT

Financial Data and the Ethical Issues of Technical Innovation

Financials services is one of the most innovative sectors in they way organisations source and use information and this creates multiple challenges for data protection professionals - this panel discusses the practical issues in creating an ethical strategy.


Privacy Director, Liberty Specialty Markets

Data Protection Officer, Ulster Bank Ireland

16:00 GMT

Building a Risk Management Framework for the Future

Managing risk is at the heart of any data protection programme and building a strategy which can navigate changes in market and business strategy is crucial.

This panel consider best practice and how to measure the long term sustainability of your plan.


Global Chief Privacy Officer, Marsh & McLennan Companies

Vice President, Enterprise Wide, BNY Mellon

Senior Privacy Manager, Group Privacy, SwedeBank

Compliance & Privacy Counsel. Registered DPO, Verisure

USA Privacy Focus

17:00 GMT

Schrems II and Beyond: the Future of Data Transfers

The case brought by activist lawyer Max Schrems to the European Court of Justice has shaken up the foundation for the legal transfer of data between the EU and US with global ramifications.

This panel consider the likely next steps in the dispute and how organisations can adapt to a new landscape.


Chief Privacy Officer, US Senate

Chief Correspondent, EU, Lexis Nexis

Founder and CEO, GDPRSimple

Barrister & Solicitor, nNovation

18:00 GMT

The 2020 Presidential Election and the Prospects for Change

The US presidential election will be the most contentious and era-defining of the modern age – whoever wins, the implications across government policy will be profound and privacy and security are no exceptions.

The panel looks at the likely developments in the near and long term.


Partner and Co-Chair of Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice, WilmerHale

Global Data Privacy & Protection Expert

Policy Counsel, Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law

19:00 GMT

U.S. Privacy Laws: State-Level Approaches to Data Privacy

The development of state-level regulation on data protection is likely to upend the current paradigm relationship between individuals and private business – we review the regulatory direction of travel and what the next two years are likely to bring.


SVP, Business operations and Compliance, CPO, UM Worldwide

Head of Privacy Operations, S&P Global

Privacy Counsel, Nordstrom

HR & Professional Services Privacy Focus

8:00 GMT

Data Privacy Challenges in Recruitment

The data privacy challenges created by the enormous increase in remote working have been well documented – but the pressure to protect data is particularly acute for organisations that rely on large numbers of contract staff.

This panel looks at privacy implications for contractors and their customers.


Data Protection Officer, SThree Plc

Data Protection Officer (Nordic & Baltics) Manpower

Group DPO, Reed

9:00 GMT

Employee’s Right to Privacy: Remote Working and Beyond

An employee’s right to privacy when remote working has asked new questions of organisations’ relationship with staff, as technology allows ever closer monitoring of activity and behaviour.

But are employers missing an opportunity to create new trust-based social contracts?


Global Privacy Lead & Legal Counsel, Pontoon Solutions

Data Protection Officer,  MHR International

Data Protection Officer – ROI, Channel Islands & Supporting UK entities, BNP Paribas

President / Regulatory Practice, Manetu

10:00 GMT

Your Privacy Awareness Training Program: Instilling a Culture of Compliance

To be announced. Pre-register for updates!


Partner, Privacy Culture

Global Compliance, Privacy & Legal Executive, Teleperformance

Head of Data Management, Reed Screening

Executive Manager, Privacy, Financial Crime, Compliance, and Conduct, Westpac Group

Marketing & Adtech Privacy Focus

11:00 GMT

E-Privacy Directive 2020: Cookies and Analytics

The EU’s e-Privacy Directive and GDPR impact how your website may use cookies to track your visitors from the EU.

This session will look at the current legislation and what organisations are required to do in terms of cookies and analytics in order to comply with the current regulations.


CPO, Zeta Global

SVP, Business Operations and Compliance, CPO, UM Worldwide

Director of Digital Policy - WFA

12:00 GMT

Consumer Trust, Consent and Privacy Rights

From “fake news” to election tampering, the political and ethical aspects of advertising technology have rarely been more publicly debated.

The panel reviews the implications for privacy and security practitioners of changing public attitudes to trust and consent.


Deputy Director of Policy & Regulation, Advertising Association

CEO, Didomi

Senior Counsel and Board Advisor, MediaMath

Chief Privacy Officer, 7-Eleven

Partner, Data Protection Network Associates

13:00 GMT

Third Party Tracking Cookies: The Case Against

Rebecca Rumbul is the UK claimant in a potentially landmark case against Oracle and Salesforce on the issue of third-party cookies.

This issue remains one of the most contentious issues in privacy and with significant impact on the advertising and marketing industries.


Head of Research, mySociety and UK claimant for the case against Oracle and Salesforce

Partner, Privacy Culture

Healthcare Privacy Focus

14:00 GMT

Technical Innovation and Virtual Public Service Delivery

The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated developments in how clinical services are delivered.

When healthcare staff interact virtually with patients and each other, complex privacy and security issues emerge and will grow in the long term.

This panel discusses developments in the wider public service delivery.


Managing Counsel, Global Privacy and Security, Fiserv

Healthcare Lawyer

Head of Information Governance / Data Protection Officer, Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust

Director of Research, Reform Think Tank

15:00 GMT

Patient Privacy in the Middle of a Pandemic

In the frantic early stages of the pandemic, enormous potential risks are being stored up for the future in the way that population data is created, stored and used.

This panel looks at some of the most crucial issues such as widespread contract tracing and immunity passports.


Global Data Compliance Director, Whitaker Solutions

Chief Medical Officer, Numan

Director of Digital Primary Care, NHSx

Associate Professor Law, Exeter University

16:00 GMT

US Privacy and Security: Healthcare After a Crisis

The US experience of the coronavirus pandemic represents a special case in terms of a country’s response - its size, federal structure and healthcare system combine to create significant challenges, including for privacy professionals.

This panel considers the practical issues that practitioners in healthcare providers face now and in the future.


Privacy and Data Security attorney, Rally Health

Chief Privacy Officer, Consensys Health

Founder and Company Director, Secure and Govern Ltd

Paytech Privacy Focus

17:00 GMT

Tackling the Changing Regulatory Landscape

What are the regulatory factors that will influence the future payments ecosystem?

With PSD2 now a year in, what is the impact already being felt by organisations inside and working with Europe and how can organisations prepare over the coming year? How do regulatory regimes such as GDPR and E-privacy affect the payments sector specifically?


Director General, Emerging Payment Association

Industry Expert and Commentator

Independent Consultant

Independent FinTech Analyst

Fintech Management Consultant

18:00 GMT

Payments and the Pandemic: How Industries Responded and What Can They Expect Next

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the payment and paytech industries in specific ways, including the risks created by the explosion of remote working and the increase in virtual service delivery.

This panel looks at data collection, storage and usage issues in a changed world.


Industry Expert and Commentator

Associate Board Member, European Women Payments Network

Director of Relationship Management, Chargebacks911

CEO, Kompli-Global

19:00 GMT

Financial Crimes: The Evolving Challenge to the Paytech Industry

How the Paytech industry works with the financial services sector in combating money laundering and other financial crimes is a vital issue for both partners.

This panel looks at how technical innovation and product development continues to create new challenges in preventing abuse.


Vice-Chairman & General Manager, Emerging Payments Association EU

CEO, Access Payments

Chairman, JLG Group

UK Head of Complince and MLRO, Banking Circle

Brexit Privacy Focus

11:00 GMT

The Future of Data Transfers Post-Brexit

As the UK nears its exit from the EU, organisations on both the UK and EU data flows will be impacted if adequacy isn't achieved.

This session will look at the current status of the UK, and the Future of Data Flows adequacy and SCCs post-Brexit.


Associate Professor of Law, Chuo University

Head of International Data Transfers Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport, UK

Director, EU Policy & Strategy, TrustArc

Chief Privacy Officer, Refinitiv

Partner, DWF

12:00 GMT

Brexit and Data Protection: How to Prepare in a State of Uncertainty

Every sector – from retail to financial services, BigTech to media – is affected in different ways by the ramifications of the UK’s departure from the EU.

Our diverse panel explores the lessons and parallels that can be drawn from how companies are responding.


Senior Researcher, Institute for Government

Head of Digital Policy, Confederation of British Industry

Director, Privacy Company

13:00 GMT

Fireside Chat: In conversation with James Snook

In this fireside chat, we discuss with James Snook Director at Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), the current challenges faced with Brexit, the current pandemic and the future for data protection in the UK.


Director, Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS)

Cyber Security Correspondent, BBC News

Technology Privacy Focus

17:00 GMT

Privacy by Design in an Age of Accelerating Technical Development

The future is arriving faster every day - from AI and machine learning to big data analysis, organisations of all types are being forced to cope with technical innovation at a dizzying pace.

This panel discusses the implications for product development, cross-functional working and agile planning.


Professor in Information Technology Law  & Data Governance , Director of Enterprise – Southampton Law School, University of Southampton

Head of Legal Department and. Compliance & Privacy Officer, LeasePlan

Group Data Governance Officer, Fexco

Senior Legal Counsel, Data Privacy, Huawei

18:00 GMT

Data Ethics: Managing the Benefits and Risks of Responsible AI

Can ethics keep pace with the accelerating development of artificial intelligence?

From surveillance by law enforcement to the automation of corporate decision-making, data protection professionals are having to tackle novel issues that their predecessors could barely conceive.


Lawyer Counsel, nNovation LLP

Policy Lead, Google, Fellow, BKC Harvard

Responsible AI, Data Ethics, Payments, Visa

Co-founder and Director, Foxglove Legal

19:00 GMT

Technological Development and the Impact on Children's Data Privacy

The education sector faces some unique challenges involved in protecting data, with a large proportion of underaged ‘clients’ and new delivery mechanisms created from scratch in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Privacy issues involved in the collection and use of children’s data presents a special case for many organisations in many regulatory regimes as they take shape – we look at the prospects for inconsistent demands being placed on education providers which span states.


Interim Executive Director, Institute for Technology Law & Policy | Georgetown University Law Center

Director, Data for Children Collaborative with UNICEF, The Data Lab

Director, Public Policy & Government Affairs, Europe, ISFE

Senior lecturer, Goldsmiths

Sector and Geo Speakers

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