Tilman Harmeling

Entrepreneur in Residence, Usercentrics

Tilman Harmeling - Entrepreneur in Residence, Usercentrics: Before joining Usercentrics, Tilman Harmeling worked in the electricity sector at the Technical University of Munich where he implemented a model for the optimization of electricity trading. His time there got his juices flowing for the GDPR and Privacy Tech topics. And now, as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Usercentrics GmbH, he is excited to drive forward his own data-driven projects where he has decided to focus on all topics regarding Opt-in Analysis.

My Sessions
June 22, 2021 1:00 PM
Why the Future of Trust Must Be Built on Data Transparency

As organizations invest more in Data Protection & Privacy, and regulators increase their scrutiny, this is a perfect moment in time for increased data transparency.  Companies can reveal more of how they use data, plus giving the end user more control and access.  This webinar will why trust and data transparency must go hand-in-hand and what the future heralds if more organizations follow this path.

Speakers include: