Tara Taubman-Bassirian

Consultant Jurist IT and IP, Datarainbow

Tara, LLM, is a French privacy advocate based in the UK who has studied private law at the prestigious Paris University Pantheon Assas, before specialising on Computer and Communication Law at Queen Mary University of London. She has completed for IP Law knowledge with a Harvard University course. She has expertise in areas of privacy, data protection, intellectual property, eCommerce or eReputation. She has made a name for herself in several areas of the world, most notably the UK, France and the US. Languages she practices have helped her to widen her horizon and reach. An early adopter of emerging technologies, Tara makes it her business to understand the challenges presented by regulations in this high connectivity era, which is how she has become a trusted adviser to individuals & businesses navigating legal pathways to compliance on the internet. Tara is very active in raising awareness of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) & advising businesses on the compliance requirements. Tara is also involved with The Raymond Nicolet Trust supporting education in Serbia.

My Sessions
June 22, 2021 12:00 PM
Schrems II and International Data Transfers: The Journey to a new Privacy Shield and Who Is Leading the Way

Companies are still feeling the impact of the European Court of Justice decision last July that torpedoed the Privacy Shield, raising huge question marks about the future of international data transfers between the EU and US.  This panel will look at what may rise from the ashes of the Privacy Shield, which was being used by more than 5,000 participants at the time of the ruling. Are standard sub contractual clauses the answer? Will diplomacy and a new administration in the White House provide a new solution?

Speakers include: