Richard Merrygold

Managing Consultant & Data Protection Officer, iSTORM Privacy
My Sessions
June 22, 2021 2:00 PM
Risk Assessments of Fast-Tracked Digital Transformation and the Importance of Back-up - Sponsored by Thales

Digital transformation is happening rapidly, but businesses have to be extra careful not to put their digital assets at risk. This panel discusses how back-up policies can play a key role in ensuring transformation does not lead to data loss.

Speakers include:

June 24, 2021 3:00 PM
Improve Your Compliance and Reduce Expenditure: Data Retention Done The Right Way

Why do most organizations fail to make their data retention policies operational?  A strong Data Retention Policy will provide benefits across legal and compliance activity, and reduce costs as well.  Less data means fewer costs - Data Retention improves compliance, not just with retention regulations, but privacy as well.  It can simplify DSAR and Discovery responses and reduce the risk of data loss.  Doing data retention the right way will improve your organization’s compliance and generate tangible results.

Speakers include: