Federico Marengo

Data Protection Consultant, Qubit Privacy

Federico is a lawyer, LLM (University of Manchester), and PhD candidate (Università Bocconi, Milano). He is the founder of Qubit Privacy and also works as counsel at Data Business Services. He is the author of “Data Protection Law in Charts. A Visual Guide to the General Data Protection Regulation“, e-book released in 2021. As a PhD researcher, his research deals with the potential and challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation to protect data subjects against the adverse effects of Artificial Intelligence.

My Sessions
June 24, 2021 11:00 AM
Will the EU AI Regulation protect fundamental rights?

The European Commission says it designed its proposed AI Regulation to protect Europeans from AI-driven harms. The proposals set out a series of banned or regulated AI systems and attempt to eliminate bias from AI training data. But would the regulation go far enough to protect people's fundamental rights? Is the Commission right to take a "product safety" approach to AI systems? Would the law justify certain applications of biometric surveillance, "emotion recognition" and psychological manipulation? Without proper implementation, AI can exacerbate human biases, intrude on people's privacy, and drive social inequality. Does the EU's proposed AI Regulation address these problems—or could it make them worse?

Speakers include: