Duncan Jones

Head of Quantum Cybersecurity, Cambridge Quantum Computing

Duncan is a cybersecurity expert and the Head of Quantum Cybersecurity at Cambridge Quantum Computing (CQC). His mission is to show the world that quantum computers are our cybersecurity allies rather than merely our adversaries. Duncan has over 13 years of experience developing security solutions for global companies, with projects ranging from Internet-connected hair straighteners to national ID systems.

Before CQC, Duncan worked for several large tech companies, including Thales, Arm and Worldpay. He has led teams in various disciplines, including innovation, research, consultancy and product management. He has worked across a range of industries, from hardware security and payments to IoT.

In his current role, Duncan oversees all cybersecurity activities at CQC, including the development and commercialization of CQC’s unique certified quantum random number (entropy) generation. He holds a bachelors degree in Computer Science from the University of Cambridge.

My Sessions
June 22, 2021 3:00 PM
Preparing Your Organisation for the Quantum Computing Revolution and the Data Protection/Security Challenges - Sponsored by Thales

Quantum Computing offers great opportunities, but with these advancements come challenges against the current norms of Data Protection & Privacy and Data Security.  For example, Quantum Computing can dramatically speed up the process to factor large prime numbers, but these very same primes underlie data transfers and security arenas.  This panel will explore the many ways an organization can prepare for Quantum Computing, such as investment and environmental infrastructure, looking at case studies and global experience to discuss the challenges, but also successes, that lay ahead.

Speakers include:

  • Surj Patel, Technologist and Entrepreneur, Next Market Consulting
  • Ramsés Gallego, Executive Vice President, Quantum World Association
  • Duncan Jones, Head of Quantum Cybersecurity, Cambridge Quantum
  • More to be announced