Christian Lawaetz

CTO & Co-founder, Valuer

Christian is a pragmatic value-creating engineer working with network economies, data-driven innovation, and platforms. His focus is on the intersection between data science and business development, where he thinks the most outstanding value is generated. 

Christian has an ambidextrous approach to knowledge, which results in an odd but unique skillset, some of which include: data science, agile development, product innovation, supply chain management, statistics, whisky production, machine learning, fundamental understanding of the cosmos, vexillology, and close-up magic.

Christian serves as CTO of Valuer, where he deploys his excellent performance and technical vision. Christian has been responsible for platform output and client alignment before taking over the technical responsibilities and is a crucial link between clients and platform development. Christian is the inventor and architect of the multi-phased curation process, from automatically evaluating large amounts of data to qualitative enrichment. He also carried and directed the market testing, prototyping, and development of multiple Valuer products. Christian also manages numerous offshore activities in terms of the delivery and development team of the Valuer.

My Sessions
June 22, 2021 1:00 PM
Why the Future of Trust Must Be Built on Data Transparency

As organizations invest more in Data Protection & Privacy, and regulators increase their scrutiny, this is a perfect moment in time for increased data transparency.  Companies can reveal more of how they use data, plus giving the end user more control and access.  This webinar will why trust and data transparency must go hand-in-hand and what the future heralds if more organizations follow this path.

Speakers include: