Carter Schoenberg

CISSP, CMMC-RP, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, SoundWay Consulting

Carter is the Vice President of Cybersecurity at SoundWay Consulting, Inc. Mr. Schoenberg is a Certified Information System Security Professional and Registered Practitioner with the CMMC. He has over 26 years of combined experience in criminal investigations, cyber threat intelligence, cybersecurity, cyber risk management, and cyber law.

His work products have been actively used by DOD, Department of Education, DHS, the ISAC communities, Smart Cities, and the Georgia Bar Association for Continuing Learning Educational (CLE) credits on the topic of cybersecurity risk and liability. Mr. Schoenberg also recently co-authored “Guidance for Smart Cities and Municipalities Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management (C-SCRM)” published by NIST.

My Sessions
June 22, 2021 9:00 AM
Third Party Risk Management under GDPR: Ownership and Risks, Fines and Solutions. Sponsored by ProcessUnity

Data breaches via third parties are a growing problem for GDPR compliance. This session will discuss the ways in which you can protect your organisation against third party risk and how to respond in the event of a breach via a third-party relationship.

Speakers include: