Ana Chubinidze

CEO, Adalan AI

Ana is a founder of non-profit organization AI Governance International and independent consultant in the field of AI Ethics and Governance. She is also a founding editorial board member of Springer Nature’s AI and Ethics journal. Ana worked for Big 4 consulting firms in AI Governance. Prior to that researched foresight regulations for Artificial Intelligence with the project Regional Academy of the United Nations. Her academic background is in international relations with a focus in international law and economics; non-academic interests in Data Science and neuroscience. Ana is passionate about engaging various disciplines in AI development and unleashing its best potentials to serve everyone on earth.

My Sessions
June 23, 2021 12:00 PM
What the EU AI Regulation means for businesses - Sponsored by Usercentrics

The European Commission's proposed AI Regulation is the world's first comprehensive legal framework regulating AI.

The AI Regulation would usher in a new era of EU regulation, designed to protect Europeans from AI-related harms while driving AI adoption and innovation across the EU.

The proposals would affect many businesses across a range of sectors. Any companies that use, develop, or distribute AI systems should be aware of how the regulation could affect them.

Join us as we discuss the regulatory impact of the proposed AI Regulation, including which businesses will be affected, which AI systems are banned or regulated, and what you can do now to prepare for the EU's new era of AI regulation.

Speakers include: